Enter Community
Web3 Video-Sharing
Tokenizing Creator Channels on an Ad-less, decentralized platform
Nimbl Channels
The Creator adds utility to their Channel

The user is able to invest/trade and earn by supporting channels
The main utility of the channel being the content, the channel growth and consistency
Channel’s Utility
Enabled by Nimbl’s NFT marketplace
Every channel is represented as a limited NFT collection - called “Channels”
Alpha Chats
Channel Growth
Alpha Content
The Content
Nimbl’s 3 main modules
The content platform
The Marketplace
Web3 News
NFT/Crypto Trading
Web3 Project Launches
Whitelists, Raffles, Airdrops
For Web3 |
Introducing NFT Marketplace for
Content Channels
Attention at all costs is not our model
Nimbl is against useless, zombifying content. We are
the platform for people
looking to grow and improve
Nimbl brings true, long-term value of content-creators to the NFT model
Instead of trading JPEG’s
Forget about Ads
The lack of a better monetization model has forced web2 social platforms to track all your data and sell it to the highest bidder
Instead Nimbl democratizes content and lets creators focus on... well, creating - and we take a % off of each transaction on our Marketplace just as Opensea and MagicEden
Our partners
Our partners
Initiate Nimbl Genesis development
Milestone #3
May, 2022
Product Development
Milestone #2
Jan, 2022
Aug, 2022
Milestone #5
— Got into AppWorks Accelerator
— Got backed by AstanaHub
July, 2022
Milestone #4
— Finalize Product, UXUIs, Frontend
— Incubated at Paxaro Labs
Raised Pre-Seed
Milestone #1
Dec, 2021
Sep, 2022
Milestone #6
Stress testing architecture 5 million+ users simultaneously
Q3 2023
Milestone #9
Nimbl Genesis Open Alpha
Q2 2023
Milestone #8
Nimbl’s Genesis NFT collection Drop on MagicEden
Q4 2023
Milestone #10
Q1 2023
Milestone #7
Nimbl Genesis Closed Alpha release
Channel Rankings
The evolution of social is upon us
Apply for Beta Testing
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