Ad-less experience
The Execution
What’s next?
Ad-less experience
The Execution
What’s next?
Official Nimbl LightPaper, written by Adilkhan, the CEO at Nimbl - Last updated December 1st, 2022
Chapter 1
The problem
The next generation of social platforms is set to bring about a significant change to the market. Current platforms like YouTube, Meta, and TikTok are highly unlikely to evolve to incorporate the way of web3 - a decentralized, fair social-media with user’s best interest in mind

Their goal is to keep the user hooked for as long as possible and as often as possible, grabbing and fighting for every second of our attention at any cost. Dopamine boosting bite-sized, bright, dynamic content with very low amount of actual value has filled the internet and these same platforms are aiming to integrate web3.0 elements to stay “up-to-date”

These large corporations are slow and clumsy like a Golliath, cautiously testing incremental changes, afraid of losing their market share, meanwhile new, talented teams are setting out to be the “nimble” David - to deliver on the promise of web3 social media - and as soon as this disruption happens… there will be no going back to the status quo’
An average person is exposed to between 6.000 and 10.000 ads every single day
The key problem lies within the so called creator’s economy, which could more accurately be labeled as the advertiser’s economy

The user experience is disrupted by invasive and often obnoxious product placements

The user obeyingly watches pre-roll, mid-roll product placements on platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, etc.

We’ve reached a point where we are made to watch post-roll ads

One ad became two ads; five seconds to skip became seven seconds to skip

We are being forced to see more and more ads every day and with YouTube testing 5-8 ads
in a single break - this feels like taxi days before uber came along
Data Mining
This leads to another big problem that has been getting a lot of pushback from users, and that is private-data mining. The advertising platform must track and gather as much user data as they are allowed, at times operating within grey zones

This data is kept on private servers and is sold or shared with the highest bidder on advertising modules, 3rd parties, governments, unethical players

All of this is caused by the lack of a better monetization model
Product Placement
Why wasn’t anyone able to crack these problems?
It might be due to the fact that there isn’t a single monetization mechanism that exists today that is better than advertising
Or maybe there wasn’t a strong enough incentive for today’s platforms to adopt change - they might be up for a rude awakening
The advertising model benefits the platform first, the creator second and does absolutely nothing for the viewer, although the viewer is the foundation upon which social/content platforms are built
Social-Platforms are built to Zombify the user
Every social media platform
has two KPI metrics:
Attracting the user
Keeping the user for as long as it’s possible
Here, we can clearly see how a problem arises. Platforms operate off the wrong metrics. If the goal is to hook the user with dopamine-boosting entertainment, that’s very rarely impactful, positive, or even a bit useful

The platform dictates the behavior. The behavior dictated by social platforms today is using hooks, headlines, click-bait, and grabbing and retaining attention at any cost
Keeping the user for as long as it’s possible
Chapter 2
The Solution.
For the past 5 years, blockchain technology has gone through a tremendous level of early adoption. With so many new use-cases, protocols, blockchains emerging - it was time to take a second look at content monetization.

From the first day at Nimbl we’ve been looking for the best performing monetization mechanism that was enabled by the Web3 disruption.
Fungible Tokens
Fungible Tokens proved to be impractical due to the need for liquidity pools/providers, unsustainable staking APYs, risky leverage trading, and unethical pump and dump communities. Developing a healthy token distribution model seemed way too complex,
and overall, there were too many risks that one has to accept to issue a fungible token

Watch-2-earn, insert_activity-2-earn model proved to be extremely unsustainable and there are many examples of this model failing
Chapter 3
The NFT marketplace
Now, there was one model that seemed very promising, a model that can
be templated and simplified enough to monetize the content creator within
a decentralized monetization mechanism
The 2020-2022 NFT-mania has attained $25 billion dollars in total volume - mostly trading pfp images. Celebrities started noticing the trend, and now we have movies, ‘series, and games that have their own NFT marketplaces, big brands dropping NFT collections, social-media platforms like Instagram adopting the NFT marketplace, twitter enabling NFT-verified avatars, etc

There were many reasons for the initial surge in NFT sales including the perceived rarity and uniqueness of the image, the reputation and fame of the artist or creator, and the demand for the image among collectors. Some NFT pfp images have sold for tens of thousands of dollars, while others have sold for much less
NFT + Digital Media Content model
The NFT + Digital Media model has proven extremely promising. Leading NFT marketplaces have generated hundreds of millions
in revenue and are now already valued at billions - paving the
way to NFT Marketplace Unicorns are Opensea and Magic Eden.
As of today, December 1st, 2022, there is a lot of uncertainty in
the market, having been through what seems like the beginning
of a global recession with record inflation rates.
The NFT trading model is showing resilience through difficult times
Opensea generated 179 million dollars in volume
The 30-day analysis shows that, in November of 22, Opensea generated $179 million in volume
Magic Eden generated 94 million dollars in volume
In this same period, Magic Eden generated $94 million dollars
in volume
These numbers are live, while the media has announced the death of NFTs

Sure, there were a lot of scams, rug projects, and unethical players, but the model lives on. Long-term projects are building the NFT ecosystem, marketplaces are being deployed, NFT games are being developed, and new, promising NFT projects are being launched by major companies
Chapter 4 |
Nimbl turns every channel into a limited collection of non-fungible channel tokens
Channels have their own tokens they can promote, and the viewers can earn by supporting the growing channel

The NFT trading mechanism, like many others, operates through supply and demand. If you support
a channel when they have 1,000 followers and the channel grows to 10,000 followers this will create
an organic spike in demand, given there is a platform
for evaluating and transacting channel tokens
The constant search for utility is over:
Anyone who has previously purchased a non-fungible PFP image has questioned the value of the jpeg they are buying.The user looks for actual utility and use of the NFTs
in the world. The reason these questions arise is that these jpeg images have very little actual value, which is understandable if you take into account how early we are into this technology

Creators, influencers, successful personal brands with large audiences have way more innate value than pfp jpegs - this value is fundamental, long-term, and there are countless ways to monetize this value within the real world
Since the emergence of mobile tech - we have entered the attention era

Attention is the new oil - a finite resource of the 21st century - and those who can gather
and command attention are highly valued within the market

Our goal is to tokenize this value and create a vibrant marketplace of content creators - the non-fungible NASDAQ of content creators if you will
Chapter 5 | The Vision
Creating a productive, net-positive and entertaining social platform with a fair/decentralized creator’s economy model
Today's algorithms are designed to keep the user's attention for as long as physically possible while simultaneously reducing our attention spans

The impact of these platforms are mostly negative, since there isn’t even a way to track how valuable, productive or even a bit useful the content is within these platforms
Nimbl is a platform aiming
to amplify entertaining/
useful creators
Despite the algorithm, some amazing creators were able to integrate positive messages that can be useful and entertaining at the same time

We all know of a few extremely valuable and entertaining channels that we watch, and the amount of value within their content is priceless
Platform against the “User-Retention at all costs” mentality
against the zombifying content that takes you into a one-hour rabbit hole of useless/shiny/distracting videos
We aim to let the user be mindful of the content that they consume
by building the best sorting algorithm to keep the user’s feed tailored to empower the user
We will enable
a focused-mode
where people can limit how much they use our app within the app itself
The Interface
Nimbl actually looks and feels like the evolution of social
We are avid product developers and designers, and this can be seen within our platform designs and usability: note that the prototype is undergoing improvements constantly and the version that we will deploy with Nimbl Genesis 1.0 will be vastly improved
DISCOVER PAGE (main page)
DISCOVER PAGE (search field)
DISCOVER PAGE (clicking on rating ->
channel’s brief info)
VIDEO PAGE (videos section)
VIDEO PAGE (comments section)
VIDEO PAGE (trade section)
CHANNEL PAGE (content section)
MARKETPLACE (rankings) pt1
MARKETPLACE (rankings) pt2
MARKETPLACE (launchpad)
MARKETPLACE (opportunities)
MARKETPLACE (gainers & loosers) pt1
MARKETPLACE (gainers & loosers) pt2
Nimbl is a highly social, community-based
content platform
We aim to enable an improved communications experience, to let people lead and access discussions seamlessly
Nimbl’s community
mode can be compared
to a simplified version
of discord
One of the differences is Community Feed - a feed of engaged news and announcements from different communities personalized
to the user

These channels have roles that can be set by the creator, including but not limited to the follower, the token holder, the moderator

Note that a lot of these features are optional - for creators looking to have more options to grow within the platform

We will enable
accessible channel
stats like
Channel Token floor price, volume, supply, history of sales and owners, offers

Charts for the number views, subscribers

These stats will be used for evaluating channels, just as the abundance of NFT tools that exist today - Nimbl stats are available to the user
Nimbl’s 3 main modules:
The Content Module
The main module is for content raking and consumption. Integrated with NFT marketplace elements for purchasing tokens
Channel Token
Every channel on Nimbl is represented by a limited collection of up to 22.000 non-fungible tokens

These tokens are templated and minted on purchase - Available within Nimbl’s user interfaces along with their channel stats

The user is able to evaluate, compare and invest into
a channel that has growth potential
Token Utility
Creators are able to add more utility to the token

Fair web3 asset giveaways and airdrops

The creator is able to launch a supplementary pfp collection and airdrop it to channel token holders
Alpha Content/Streams for token holders

The creator can run channel token raffles
Alpha Channels within Community
And more… Just like collections listing on Opensea - creators can get creative and add utility to their channel tokens on Nimbl
Decentralized user-data
- Lens Protocol
Instead of keeping the user data on our servers, we prefer the solution provided by the lens protocol

Every follow, like, comment, created profile - kept on chain within the decentralized social graph protocol called - Lens, the project by the team Aave

I highly suggest reading their white paper
As of 2023 the technology hasn’t evolved enough to be able to efficiently host and display large files and good quality video requires very large files

Not even talking about proper compression
and architecture
Decentralized Media
Hosting a library of video content available to millions of users simultaneously is a very complex task and the reliability and performance factors seem to be on the side of centralized content hosting with decentralized identity of the content
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