Web3 Video-Sharing
Tokenizing Creator Channels on an Ad-less, decentralized platform
Channel Token
Every content channel is represented as a Non-Fungible Channel Token
Channel Tokens can be traded within Nimbl’s NFT marketplace of channels
Nimbl is against useless, zombifying content. We are
the platform for people
looking to grow and improve
The Content
Alpha Content
Channel Growth
Alpha Chats
Alpha Chats
Channel Growth
Alpha Content
The Content
Earn by supporting growing channels
Nimbl’s 3 main modules
The content platform
The Marketplace
Today’s user is forced to watch multiple pre-roll, mid-roll, and even post-roll Ads.

Nimbl let’s you have the uninterupted, Ad-less experience
No Ads
Our partners
Our partners
Raised Pre-Seed
Milestone #1
Dec, 2021
Product Development
Milestone #2
Jan, 2022
— Finalized Product
— Architecture & DevOps
Milestone #3
May, 2022
— Deploy website
— Lightpaper
— Got into AppWorks Accelerator
— Got backed by AstanaHub
Milestone #5
Aug, 2022
— Frontend & Backend Development
— Incubated at Paxaro Labs
Milestone #4
July, 2022
— Building a list of beta-testers
— Connecting to popular content creators with audiences
Milestone #6
Sep, 2022
— Nimbl v0.01 open testing
— NFT Marketplace development
Milestone #7
Q1 2023
— Deploying Marketplace v0.01
— Nimbl’s Genesis NFT collection Drop on MagicEden
Milestone #8
Q2 2023
Nimbl Genesis Open Alpha
Milestone #9
Q3 2023
Milestone #10
Q4 2023
The evolution of social is upon us
Apply for Beta Testing
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